When air brushed images go too far

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Come on now!

This controversial photgraph that appeared in a Ralph Lauren ad shows what happens when airbrushing goes too far. The image was airbrushed so drastically that the model’s waist actually appeared to be smaller than her head.

After a brief series of denials, Ralph Lauren admitted to modifying the image. (http://www.stylelist.com/2009/10/09/update-ralph-lauren-takes-responsiblity-for-distorted-ad/)

As long as behaviors like  this are common among magazines, fashion designers, and the media, it is even more important that the messages gets out to girls. You don’t have to compare yourself to anything, especially to images that  are impossible to live up to.

Media and Girls

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What are you REALLY seeing in that magazine?

The fashion industry has begun to use younger and younger models, and now commonly presents 12- and 13-year-old girls as if they were women. This presents a double dilemma. It over eroticizes younger girls and it presents images to women that are simply unrealistic and not true.

Calvin Klein ad

It’s no wonder that many girls and women are suffering when they try to compare themselves to these images; because it’s a standard that is simply impossible to meet.


Out of the shadows

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It’s not the obvious internet sites that parents need to be aware of

Most parents may not even be aware that web sites have become resources for women with eating disorders. Sites like the one featured in this Newsweek article are not only available, but they encourage and support unhealthy eating disorders. More and more resources like these are available on the internet.


The body image crisis is not just an American crisis

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Some issues truly are Global

As highlighted in this article from the BBC, the body image crisis is a worldwide epidemic. According to a study done in England, over 50% of women said they would consider plastic surgery to “fix” something about their body.


Dieting is on the increase

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Girls and Dieting, then and now

According to a 1986 study by the University of California at San Franscisco, 80% of Fourth Grade girls said they were dieting.  This Wall Street Journal article highlights the growing influence of media images on girls since that study. Earlier this year another study published in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing found, among other things, that,

“A preoccupation with body image is now showing up in children as young as age five, and it can be exacerbated by our culture’s increased awareness of obesity, which leaves many non-overweight kids stressed about their bodies.”


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